Terms & conditions

  1. Client is to receive written information on full terms and conditions prior to commencement of first lesson. This will include details of any complaints procedure should you fell this is necessary.
  2. AMB Driving Tuition will give 28 days notice in writing for any price increase to the standard tuition rate.
  3. The client is to pay AMB Driving Tuition before commencement of tuition.
  4. Client is to five AMB Driving Tuition 28 days notice for refunds on unused tuition payments.
  5. The client and AMB Driving Tuition will give 48 hours notice to change or cancel any booked tuition or be subject to the applicable tuition rate.
  6. AMB Driving Tuition to abide by the terms and conditions of The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) code of conduct.
  7. AMB Driving Tuition reserve the right to refuse use of their vehicle for the driving test if the client is deemed not to be ‘test ready’. Should this occur the client will be given sufficient warning to allow for alternative arrangements or to claim a driving test refund.
  8. AMB Driving Tuition reserve the right to impose an additional mileage charge for tuition and driving test purposes. The client will be made aware of this prior to first lesson.
  9. Please contact AMB Driving Tuition should there be a complaint. In the event of it not being satisfactorily resolved you can contact The DSA on 0300 200 1122.