Safe winter driving & preparation

With snow in the air throughout the UK we have some simple tips and advice for all drivers to keep you safe and moving on the roads.

Car Battery

This is having to work even harder during the winter months to provide lighting and heating and even to just start the engine at this time of you. Check that your battery terminals are clean and that your battery isn’t running too low or ask for a winter service as your local garage.


The majority of engine failures in winter are due to overheating so make sure you use a quality coolant which helps to regulate the temperature of your engine and is crucial to it’s smooth running.


Try to make sure you don’t run too low in the winter months. Remember if you do break down you may need some fuel to run the engine to keep you warm. Using a fuel additive will help increase your fuel efficiency and can also help with cold starting.


Whilst it is always important to check your tyre pressure and tread depths monthly, be extra vigilant in the winter months. The legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm but once you get near this figure you increase the risk levels greatly. 4mm and more tread depth helps to provide shorter stopping distances and better road holding.


Winter weather can be tough on your car bodywork. A thorough wash will not only improve your driving visibility but also protect your car bodywork from the harmful compounds which can cause damage when mixed with road salt and sand. Use a protective wax after washing for further protection.

Supply Kit

For longer journeys keep things like a blanket, shovel, food and water, a phone and charger in the car as you never know when you will need them and just these few items can be lifesavers.


Allow enough time in the morning to clear your windscreen and windows properly as good visibility is paramount to driving safety.

Screen Wash

Before starting your journey ensure your windscreen is clean on the inside. To maintain visibility when driving use a quality screen wash which repels rain, spray and dirt as well as resisting freezing.

Finally think about yourself! Don’t drive if you are feeling tired, unwell or when under the influence of drugs/medication or alcohol.

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